What are the different types of coffee beans?

What are the different types of coffee beans?

Most adults all over the world jump-start their day with a cup of hot and delicious coffee in the morning. In fact, some people won't even consider their day complete without that cup of coffee! Coffee has indeed become a necessity in most households and an integral part of any grocery list. If you are part of the coffee lover's population, have you ever wondered which coffee bean you had been having every morning? Before you can learn what the different types of coffee beans are, you must first be well versed in where they come from.

When you hear the term coffee beans, you are probably thinking about something that is actually taken out of a plant. Well, that is partly true but coffee beans are actually seeds of fruits of various kinds of coffee trees. Yes, there are coffee trees! However, don't get all hyped up about it just yet because coffee trees only grow in places with sub tropical climates like Ethiopia, Vietnam, India, Colombia, Costa Rica or anywhere with six thousand sea level.

A single coffee tree can bear up to two thousand fruit. Now, that's a lot of coffee, isn't it? Coffee beans can be harvested through dry process or wet process. Dry process is where fruits are harvested and then dried out under the sun. Once the fruits get dry, a machine will be used to strip the actual coffee beans out of it whereas, in the wet process, a lot of water and soaking is involved. In this method, the coffee beans will be washed from the fruit because of being soaked. The wet coffee beans will be gathered and then will be prepared for drying. Coffee manufacturers usually separate the beans and categorize them according to size and grade before drying.

Once sorted, coffee beans will be roasted. However, some will be put aside for the process of creating green coffee beans, which are required to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Now that, you know the how these are made, it's time to find out the types of coffee beans. Some people who are avid coffee lovers and enthusiasts will know automatically what type of coffee bean they are dealing with by simply tasting or smelling it. Some will need the following information.

Types of Coffee Beans

Generally, there are about 6,000 types of coffee beans. That's a lot to digest! From the 6000,  only 25 are considered to be the major types of coffee beans and just three of the 25 types are the most popular with consumers.

Kona Coffee Beans

If you have seen the tiniest kind of coffee bean, then that is most likely Kona. Kona is one of the smallest coffee beans and ironically, one of the most expensive. Kona comes from the amazing country Hawaii, specifically in the rock slopes of Kona since the 17th century. Hawaiian coffee is different from Kona coffee. Other coffee beans, in the part of Hawaii, are not considered as Kona. Only 1% of the world's coffee is composed of Kona. That being said Kona is rare, but a lot of people patronize this. The reason why Kona coffee beans cost more than others is because of the careful manufacturing done with every single bean. It is handled with delicate manufacturers, and all stages of the processing are handled appropriately. In addition to the great taste, Kona coffee beans are the most aromatic. Many people also love chocolate-covered  Kona coffee beans with some macadamia and peaberry. If you are a true coffee lover, you will surely have a lot of ways on how you can make each cup of Kona coffee special.

Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee beans usually come from Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam. It can grow up to 10 meters like a shrub or small tree. This type of coffee is easier to grow because it can withstand different kinds of weather and pests. Of the three major types of coffee beans, Robusta is the cheapest. The characteristic that sets apart Robusta from other coffee beans is the "kick" it gives in each cup. 20% of the whole world's coffee is Robusta. If ever you've tasted Italian blends like espresso, then you have had your share of Robusta. The strong kick of Robusta can be attributed to the fact that it contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans are the most abundant in the world. 60% of all the coffee beans are Arabica. This variation of coffee been being very expensive. The reason behind that is that the Arabica plant is high maintenance. It is vulnerable to all kinds of pests and diseases. In addition to that, it easily withers in cold weather or frost. Arabica is usually used alone or sometimes as a base to Robusta coffee to make  great delicious blends. Arabica is fine for many kinds of blends. If you are the type that loves to experiment with different frappes and flavored coffee, then you must try your own coffee blend recipes with Arabica coffee beans.

Arabica coffee beans have a lot of sub types. The sub types depend on the place where the Arabica coffee beans were harvested from. Arabica from Central and South America is medium in the body and moderate in aroma. This is the variation that is very ideal for breakfast coffee the smell is not that strong, and the taste is just right. Some also come from Ethiopia were almost every region has an Arabica production company. The best can be found in Sidamo and Harrar in the country of Africa.

As you can see, coffee is not just a simple blend of sugar and cream. If you get the chance to experiment on the different types of coffee beans, you will find the perfect one for you, the one that will truly satisfy your taste. This way, you will be able to enjoy your coffee experience more. Wake up to the smell of the best coffee bean blends daily and makes every day special!

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