What are the best coffee beans in the world?

What are the best coffee beans in the world?

If you want to know what the world finest coffee bean's tastes like, then you will need to know what the best coffee beans are. As you may know, coffee beans are found inside coffee cherries. From these cherries, the coffee beans are then processed to create the commodity that we all use for creating our daily cup of coffee.

Having said that, it's worth pointing out that the two most common types of coffee beans in the world are Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. The vast majority of beans all around the world belongs to either one of these groups. It's worth pointing also that around three-quarters of coffee beans sold to all over the world actually belong to the Coffee Arabica category while the rest belongs to the Coffee Robusta category.

Although there are other rare coffee beans all over the world, they rarely make it to the global market, thus making them somewhat of a luxury item to a lot of people. Liberian Coffee or Coffee Liberica is one such type of coffee. However, just because they are rare, does not necessarily mean that they're the world best coffee beans.

Most of the best coffee beans still belong to the Coffee Arabica category. However, it's not always easy to point out which varieties of Coffee Arabica are the optimal, because of the various kinds of Coffee Arabica available. The fact is that even within the Coffee Arabica category, there are all kinds of flavors and textures to choose from, and most people have been conflicting with opinions as to which variety is the best.

Opinions are usually based on the origins of the coffee. In Africa, for example, Ethiopian Coffee is considered as the best and most famous type of African Coffee in the world. Less well known African contenders include Tanzanian and Kenyan coffee, both of which are quite favourite for their taste and texture, though not as popular as their Ethiopian counterpart.

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