French press coffee

How to make proper french press coffee

French press is a special pot with a filter to make coffee. It needs no electricity as it uses the strength of our muscles. It is great for home usage as well as at many various occasions regardless the place and time. A coffee made with this amazing pot is rich in favor, it is characterized with a creamy consistency, and it has more caffeine. This happens for the reason of longer brewing and direct contact of coffee with the water which allows the coffee to give away its aroma and taste entirely. How to make French press coffee? There is nothing simpler.  However, we need to take into account the types of coffee beans. Naturally, the taste of coffee will depend on the beans we will use to make it. The are some tips we would like to share about how to make French press coffee.

Firstly, the types of coffee beans we will choose depends on our preferences and taste. Gentle and soft coffee is made from light beans while dark ones will provide us with strong coffee at sharp and intensive flavor. When we want to know how to make French press coffee well, we shall remember that the beans need to be ground coarsely so that they can pull  down by the filter, otherwise, they can simply clog the filter up.

How to make French press coffee so that it tastes heavenly? Apart from the types of coffee beans, water matters. It is good when we use mineral or filtered water. Although, it may seem that water is just water, not every drop of the liquid has the same taste and hardness. Our pot should stand on a dry, flat and stable surface. Enough coffee needs to be used so that the effect be optimal. This really goes along with our likes, but generally for each 125 grams coffee cup, one teaspoon is to be applied. The temperature of water needs to be right before the boiling state. If it's too high, the beans may become to burn and, as a result, too much bitterness will be achieved.

Many people claim to know how to make French press coffee, but are they aware that after water is poured, we should use a plastic spoon to stir it? Generally, for this purpose, we can use anything that is not metal! After that, the lid is to be put on. The time of brewing vacillates from 4 to 10 minutes and is dependent on the water quantity and our preferences. The next step is to press the plunger gently until all the grounds get to the bottom of the pot. This is how to make French press coffee! Now, the only thing that left is to get delight from the perfect taste.

Now, we all know how to make French press coffee! The last thing is to keep in mind that if we leave  the coffee to sit in the pot, it will bitter and unpalatable. The process seems to be very plain and unsophisticated. Nevertheless, the mentioned details matter and influence the quality of the obtained drink.

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