Coffee grinder

How to choose a coffee grinder

A coffee grinder is a very important device when it comes to the preparation of coffee. Rather than buying ground coffee from your nearest shop, you can get it fresh by grinding it at home using a grinder. Well, before we even talk about purchasing one let us first of all understand some categories of coffee grinders.

Types of Coffee Grinders

Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

These coffee grinders normally produce a Crunchy sound while grinding the coffee beans. They are ideal for people who want to take their time to prepare well grounded and fresh coffee. The manual coffee grinders are made with durable materials and thus are very long lasting. These grinders do not generate heat during the process of grinding and so you can always get fresh coffee. They normally retail at around $150.

Burr Coffee Grinder

These are among the best coffee grinders for domestic or commercial usage. Burr grinders operate in an efficient manner and prevent the coffee from burning. These grinders are very convenient to use as they take a short time to grind the coffee. If you cannot afford to waste time grinding coffee, this are the best grinders for you. The Burr grinders normally retail at around $350.

Conical Burr Grinder

These types of grinders have two conical surfaces thus making the entire grinding process quite even and smooth. Some of the grinders that fall under this category can be programmed and hence you can always determine the coarseness of the grounded coffee. The main downside of this type of grinders is that they tend to produce heat during the grinding process. The conical burr grinders normally retail at around $150.

Blade Type coffee Bean Grinder

These types of grinders use a metal blade to chop the coffee beans. While using them, a lot of attention must be put to ensure that they do the job efficiently. Sometimes these types of grinders tend to be inconsistent especially if they're not well maintained. The blade coffee grinders also tend to overheat during the grinding process. All the same, these types of grinders are available at the least expensive prices in the market. They retail at around $16.

Tips for Buying a Good Coffee Bean Grinder

When buying a coffee grinder, there some specific areas which you must pay close attention to them. The following tips will help you purchase the best coffee grinder.


A good coffee grinder should be easy to clean and maintain. Always go for grinders which come with a removable grinding chamber.


A good grinder should have different grinder settings. This will enable you to produce different grades of ground coffee.


It is advisable to buy a grinder with a wide collar as these permits you to pour in coffee beans without any spills. Also, as for the blade grinder, always go for the one that comes with a safely placed lead.


Avoid a coffee bean grinder, which tends to, overheat during the grinding process as this affects the quality of your coffee.

In summary, there is a wide variety of coffee bean grinders available in the market. Always go for the one that fits your needs and never compromise on the quality.

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