How to Grow Coffee Beans at Home

How to Grow Coffee Beans at Home

Growing Coffee at Home

Coffee is one of the most easily available products, whether in the roasted or unroasted bean form or as a readymade beverage. Yet nothing compares to the cup of coffee brewed from your own organic coffee beans. Growing coffee at home is a simple process, made even easier by the fact that coffee plants are straightforward to care for.

How to Grow Coffee at Home

To have your own coffee plant, you can start with:

  1. Coffee seeds. This is a long, drawn-out process. You can plant the coffee cherries whole or use the unroasted green coffee beans.
  2. Coffee plant stem cuttings. Stem cuttings from an existing plant can grow well.
  3. 3-4-year-old coffee plants. Such plants sourced from nurseries can provide your coffee in a matter of weeks instead of waiting for years.

Tips for Growing Coffee at Home

The coffee bean plant grows well indoors as a potted plant. But, except in areas prone to winter frosts, you can also plant it in your backyard garden.

The plant requires a warm tropical climate with plenty of sunshine. But don't be disheartened if you live in a cold place.

Coffee responds quite well to artificial indoor plant lighting. And move the plant outdoors during summer. Since, under natural conditions, the coffee bean plants require moderate to heavy rainfall, be sure to water your plant frequently and sufficiently.

Using an all-purpose fertilizer sparingly to maximize the plant's yield is recommended.

Apart from giving you the satisfaction of drinking homegrown organic coffee, the coffee bean plant brightens up your home with its white flowers, red cherries, and shiny green leaves.

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