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How To Make Cappuccino With Espresso Machine?

How to make cappuccino with espresso machine? If you simply love cappuccino, then you should definitely learn how to make this coffee drink at home. It cannot be denied the taste of cappuccino is absolutely delicious and for some of us, starting our day without a steaming, hot cup of cappuccino is almost impossible. This dark, rich Italian coffee beverage is a blend of espresso, some steamed milk and some milk foam. The cappuccino gets its name because of its color, which resembles the color of the robes worn by monks from the Capuchin order.

Unlike other coffees, a cup of cappuccino will not fill you up since it is a light-weight  drink because of all the foam in it. It is important that your cappuccino contains equal parts of espresso as well as frothed and steamed milk. Chocolate powder, cinnamon and nutmeg are some of the toppings you can sprinkle on your cappuccino.

How to make cappuccino with espresso machine at home?

  1. If you want to make cappuccino at home, then you will have to start by brewing coffee by using either an espresso machine or a regular coffee maker. Do not add more than 1/4 cup of espresso or 1 and a 1/2 cup of typical brew coffee for a single cup of cappuccino. Espresso is an important ingredient in a cappuccino, and your cappuccino will taste a bit weaker if you use regular brewed coffee.
  2. Pour two shots (two ounces) of espresso or one and a half-cup of regular coffee in a coffee cup. While cappuccinos do not have any added flavoring, but you can add a dash of flavoring if you want.
  3. If you want to learn how to make cappuccino with espresso machine at home the right way, then you will have to learn how to heat and froth milk properly. You can do this in several ways. If you want to heat and froth the milk at the same time, then you will have to use an espresso machine with the frothing wand. You can also use a microwave to heat the milk if you do not have an espresso maker. You should heat the milk for your cappuccino to anywhere from 120 to 150 degrees. The milk can also be heated on the stovetop and make sure you keep the heat low. You can use a hand-held immersion blender to front the hot milk.
  4. If you had poured brewed coffee in your cup, then add 1 and a 1/2 cup of the hot milk to it. If you had poured espresso in your cup, next add 1/4 cup of the hot milk to it. Hold the back of a spoon against the creamy froth in the hot milk when you are pouring it into your cup. This will hold the creamy froth.
  5. You will now add a lump of the creamy frothed milk you held  back on top of the cappuccino. If you are fond of toppings, then you can sprinkle some chocolate or cinnamon on top of your finished cappuccino.


A cappuccino is somewhat classified as a luxury beverage, and that you have learned how to make cappuccino with espresso machine, you will be able to taste this tasty coffee drink every day.

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